In Jayapura, the village Modi adopted

[First published in The Hindu dated May 31, 2015] Jitu Banbasi is a happy man today. A member of the Scheduled Tribe Musahar community, from Jayapura village in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh, he lived in a makeshift brick house earlier but is now entitled to a pucca house painted in bright yellow and cobalt blueContinue reading “In Jayapura, the village Modi adopted”

The nightmare that ‘Black July’ conjures up

[First published in The Hindu dated July 30, 2014] Though it is five years since the civil war ended in Sri Lanka, 69,000 Tamils continue to live as refugees. The date was 25 July 1983. Antony* reached Luckyland biscuit factory at Kundasale, a suburb in Kandy, his place of work for 10 years, in theContinue reading “The nightmare that ‘Black July’ conjures up”

The ‘good’ elephant and the ‘bad’ elephant

[First published in The Hindu thREAD on Jan. 22, 2016] Here’s the tragic part about being born as an elephant. Sure, you may get to eat a whole lot of food and grow into a 3,000-kilo giant, but if your fate is to be ordered about by a puny human, how are you supposed toContinue reading “The ‘good’ elephant and the ‘bad’ elephant”

Mahasweta Devi is not dead

[First published in The Hindu thREAD on August 3, 2016] Though the writer is no more in the corporeal sense, her words, her thoughts, and the lives of those she touched will ensure she continues to live on in our midst. I can’t recall the exact date anymore. But it was for sure in theContinue reading “Mahasweta Devi is not dead”