When the mind is troubled

When the mind is troubled

And the heart is thumping aloud.

When the present turmoil

Is making your warm blood boil.

When there is no light

And you are groping in the dark

When you feel like a little fry

Being baited to a shark.

When your talents are lying wasted,

Like leaves once green, now withered.

When your dreams are near shattered,

And your vision seems to have blurred.

Remember, it is these troubles

That hurt your pride, which make you strong,

So take them in your stride.

Remember, that barren winter tree

On which new leaves do usher,

In spring weather.

Remember, it’s that little fry baited

That saves its head and grows big,

Having for long waited.

Remember, that even a blind in the dark

Can view the light with his inner eyes,

And that is what we call HOPE:

The one and only reason to live our lives…

© Vidya Venkat (2006)

[First published by Writers Workshop, Calcutta]

Published by Vidya Venkat

Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology at SOAS, London. Formerly, journalist at The Hindu, Chennai.

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