रूठकर चाँद यूँ फलक में कहीं खो बैठा,जैसे नादान परिंदेछुपे रहते हैैं दरख्त शखों पर।जितना भी कर लो जतन अब इन्हे रिझाने में,पोशीदा रहना ही गुस्ताख चाँद की खूबी है। © Vidya Venkat (2021)

On the idea of ‘the people’

[First published in Biblio: A Review of Books, October-December, 2020] I am the people—the mob—the crowd—the mass. The title of political theorist and anthropologist Partha Chatterjee’s latest book invokes an imagery of the masses as described by Sandburg’s poem of the same title. But the book is not about those people per se, but an exploration rather ofContinue reading “On the idea of ‘the people’”

India: why secrecy over Narendra Modi’s COVID-19 relief fund damages democracy

In late August, I filed an RTI application seeking various details of the charitable trust under which the PM-CARES Fund had been registered, and which state regulatory authority was monitoring the trust. But I was refused information on the grounds that the fund was not a public authority. Vidya Venkat, SOAS, University of London SinceContinue reading “India: why secrecy over Narendra Modi’s COVID-19 relief fund damages democracy”