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Jerusalem, Ayodhya and the God question

[I wrote this long read travel essay in 2018 after a vacation trip to Israel-Palestine.] The streets of Jerusalem lay empty the day we landed there. It was 10 am. The winter sun peeked from in between the puffy, white clouds, but not a single person could be seen walking down the streets. The shuttersContinue reading “Jerusalem, Ayodhya and the God question”

What a Himalayan trek taught me about perseverance

[First published in The Hindu, MetroPlus dated Aug 26, 2016.] My sole climbing feat before I set out on a high-altitude trek of 14,000 feet in the Himalayas was climbing a 50-feet-tall water tank in Puducherry. And that too nine years ago. I often recollected, with an odd mix of amusement and shame, how myContinue reading “What a Himalayan trek taught me about perseverance”