After the storm

He sits on his haunches                         Palm over the head. The storm last night                         Blew away his hut. It was made out of straw                         And some thatch, It was no match                         For the might Of the raging monster. In Sundarbans,                         People become meals For crocodiles &Continue reading “After the storm”

Nature finds its way

A swarm of yellow hornets Gather on our backyard wall, As though a conference is on.   Nearby, a sunbird perches merrily On the branch of the mango tree, Pecking on a fruit to see if it is ready to eat.   Inside, my mother worries, the bird Will eat up the fruits we growContinue reading “Nature finds its way”

The ‘good’ elephant and the ‘bad’ elephant

[First published in The Hindu thREAD on Jan. 22, 2016] Here’s the tragic part about being born as an elephant. Sure, you may get to eat a whole lot of food and grow into a 3,000-kilo giant, but if your fate is to be ordered about by a puny human, how are you supposed toContinue reading “The ‘good’ elephant and the ‘bad’ elephant”