After the storm

He sits on his haunches                         Palm over the head. The storm last night                         Blew away his hut. It was made out of straw                         And some thatch, It was no match                         For the might Of the raging monster. In Sundarbans,                         People become meals For crocodiles &Continue reading “After the storm”

This train runs on blood

Once upon a time, a 5 a.m. monster that would screechingly halt By the local railway station, next to my childhood home In Calcutta, used to be my mother’s morning alarm. The memory of that goods train thundering past our abode, Rocking its flimsy walls is vivid still. Who’d have thought That a day wouldContinue reading “This train runs on blood”

Gitanjali – A Poet’s Prayer

[I had originally written this essay in 2005 for a class on ‘Indian Writing in English’ as an undergraduate student of English Literature at Madras Christian College. The essay is an attempt at an original interpretation of Tagore’s collection of poems ‘Gitanjali’, which fetched him the Nobel Prize in Literature. I am republishing this fromContinue reading “Gitanjali – A Poet’s Prayer”