‘Monotony’ features in Rattle Magazine’s open mic

Please watch me read out my poem ‘Monotony’ along with other poets as part of Rattle Magazine’s (www.rattle.com) Poets Respond series in an open mic session. In this series, poets respond to news events as they occur across the world. My poem was written in response to news reports that Bollywood celebrities are now doingContinue reading “‘Monotony’ features in Rattle Magazine’s open mic”

Testament of a hopelessly hopeful dreamer

I have left those paths behind. Those paths redolent of dreamy mornings When a half-awakened consciousness precluded hope.   There were times when I turned to them, To where once a story that had begun in innocence Was sheathed in autumn leaves and slowly frozen to death.   On one of those early mornings WhenContinue reading “Testament of a hopelessly hopeful dreamer”