There are several ways to kill time during this quarantine.Like, doing dishes, and cooking meals, and taking care of the laundry.Are you disappointed with my suggestion?Then kindly consider this:That is how half of mankind every day lives.Yes, I mean the women. Take my mother, for instance.She was a tender ten when she started doing choresContinue reading “Monotony”

Nature finds its way

A swarm of yellow hornets Gather on our backyard wall, As though a conference is on.   Nearby, a sunbird perches merrily On the branch of the mango tree, Pecking on a fruit to see if it is ready to eat.   Inside, my mother worries, the bird Will eat up the fruits we growContinue reading “Nature finds its way”

Aman ki Asha

I’m perturbed after reading the news about the war-like situation brewing between India-Pak and the cheering of it in some quarters. Wrote this poem:       *अमन की आशा* जंग का ऐलान करके हैं खड़े सीना तान के छप्पन इंच चौड़ा हुआ है  वीरों के रक्तदान से  ऐ वतन के वासियों ना जंग सेContinue reading “Aman ki Asha”