Testament of a hopelessly hopeful dreamer

I have left those paths behind. Those paths redolent of dreamy mornings When a half-awakened consciousness precluded hope.   There were times when I turned to them, To where once a story that had begun in innocence Was sheathed in autumn leaves and slowly frozen to death.   On one of those early mornings WhenContinue reading “Testament of a hopelessly hopeful dreamer”

Mortar and pestle

Thank you, Amma, for buying me a mortar and pestle when we went shopping one day, soon after my marriage.   Among my vivid childhood memories are watching you pound that mixture of rice and skinned black gram, soaked overnight, on a large granite mortar placed on the floor of our house in Calcutta.  Continue reading “Mortar and pestle”


There are several ways to kill time during this quarantine.Like, doing dishes, and cooking meals, and taking care of the laundry.Are you disappointed with my suggestion?Then kindly consider this:That is how half of mankind every day lives.Yes, I mean the women. Take my mother, for instance.She was a tender ten when she started doing choresContinue reading “Monotony”